EB Marine has 6 mobile diving stations:
Diving Stations
3 x diver cars, 7.5 tonnes.
1 x container-based diving station with the Chamber.
1 x 17 foot work boats, lifted out with one of the company’s crane vehicles.
1 x mobile diving Cabinet of 750 kg. This can be moved from jekketralle to the helicopter.

Diving stations include modern equipment of high quality and includes monitors and
2-way communication, so that the client can follow inspections, and more if desired from the surface.
Construction equipment:
EB Marine has the following marine equipment:
Big crane barge, “Theodora”, 19 x 12 feet with 17 TM crane. This barge has recently been fully refurbished and has in addition a crane on 33 TM.
EB Swan, little barge, 5 x 5 m.
Work Boat “Elias”. A boat on the 24 foot in PE plastic and an engine of 200 hp.
Tug boat Claudius of 45 feet with 450 HP.
2 Work-supply boats.
Decompression chamber:EB Marine has today two Chambers that is Ø1400mm including diving station, which is used for Chamber preparedness and texture decompression

Our newest Chamber.
The Chamber has the following goals; Ø1800mm.
Chamber is rigged for a total of six people, and will mainly be used for texture decompression and preparedness. The Chamber is also suitable for oxygen treatment.

Construction equitment:
– EB Marine has large machinery and equipment, including welding equipment up to 630 mm in diameter; two crane trucks with 10 TM cranes; various drills, pumps, and gauges; and a full complement of hydraulic, pneumatic, and hand tools.
– EB Marine moved to a new location near Gandsfjorden in 2001. The facilities were custom-built for EB Marine and are specifically configured and organized for industrial diving. In addition to the administrative offices on the 2nd floor, we have a drying room, locker room, canteen, work-office, and large storage areas. The facilities are 50-meters from the sea and include dedicated quay structures.

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