EB Marine specialises in inshore underwater work such as laying pipelines, erosion prevention, and repair of dock facilities.
We also undertake underwater inspections, repairs and maintenance work on ships and rigs, including anode renewal, grinding, welding, flame-cutting, concrete-casting, blasting and salvage work.For more information about erosion prevention click her.
All projects are performed using our own certified equipment and personnel. Inspections are performed using modern, high quality equipment. Our customer can follow the progress of the diver via video monitors and 2-way communication from the surface.
Working under water is physically chalenging and makes heavy demands on personnel and equipment. We have the best in both categories and our extensive experience allows us to take on the most difficult jobs. No two jobs are alike; we love a challenge, and there are always new challenges to solve. In order to consistently deliver the best solution, we are constantly on the lookout for new technologies and always strive to be on the leading edge. We are highly mobile and ready to work at a moment’s notice, using custom-designed, fit-for-purpose equipment.
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